Rawr Audio

At the tender age of 14,
Geoff Sharp was told by his
school music teacher,
"I'd put that down if I were you,
you'll never make a guitarist."
What followed was over twenty
years of guitar based obsession,
which just goes to show that
the best way to get children
to do things is to tell them
they can't.

At the age of 21, as a shy but accomplished guitarist, Geoff found himself in the company of a spirited musician known only as 'Freak'.
"Freak was amazing, so raw and talented. He sang, he played guitar and mouth organ, wrote all his own material... it was like meeting the person i'd always wanted to be," recalls Geoff. "We jammed together along with a few friends for a while, and from there we formed Hoodoo Zephyr."

Hoodoo Zephyr, originally a five piece, later becoming a four piece, was Geoff's first foray into the live music scene. A ballsy folk/punk/political band with original tracks and thought-provoking lyrics gave him the perfect backdrop, as a guitarist, for musical exploration.

"I remember the first gig only too well," jokes Geoff, "we took a charity gig slot in front of 400 people, it was terrifying. My hands wouldn't stop shaking. I remember thinking 'Never again.' Once we began to play regularly the fear became a buzz, enhanced further by the crowd's willingness to sing our songs back to us. Starting a solo career was the logical next step."

When he's not working his 9 to 5 or doing the rounds of Aberdeen's music clubs, Geoff spends his time writing songs and recording tracks, holed up in one end of his technology stuffed bedroom.
"I've finally found myself in a position where I'm comfortable with who I am and what I do. I love singing the songs I write, its a great release... and it's much cheaper than therapy."