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No Regrets Cd

No Regrets: Available now!
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After playing lead guitar and singing backing vocals for several bands including the infamous Hoodoo Zephyr, Geoff Sharp is set to emerge with his own material.

Hailing originally from Nottingham, the multi-talented singer and musician has just released his long awaited debut album entitled 'No Regrets'. A mixture of folk style ballads, soaring rock guitars and country inspired acoustics lend themselves to an album full of diversity, with Geoff's unmistakable style shining through in each track.

The album is very much Geoff's baby... all instruments are played by him, and layered together to create a full band sound.

From the writing of the songs to the laying down of vocal tracks, the recording of instruments to the final production techniques, this is very much a one man project.

From the insanely catchy title track (love it or hate it you'll be humming it for weeks) to the hauntingly beautiful 'blank page' Geoff's first album is a mixture of heartfelt lyrics and rhythmic guitaring, easy to listen to and hard to forget.

Listen, enjoy.

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